Today's keynote brought to you by the letter S

I haven't watched the keynote yet, mainly because of the time difference living on the other side of the world and having to get up and go to work today. As expected they showed off the 'new' iPhone, by 'new' they mean updated not 'new' like it was last year.

iPhone 3G S for speed

Yes there is the the new 3.0 iPhone OS, yes it now comes with32GB of storage, yes the camera is better and has focus, yes it shoots video, yes it has a voice recorder, yes its faster (about the only thing I find really interesting) and yes it has a compass (woo...). But.

The camera is 'only' 3.2MP, and while this what I was expecting, and it has to be better than the current 2MP I still feel let down. Nokia have been squeezing 5MP cameras into their high-end phones for years, as have Sony, and Samsung recently upped the ante shoving a 12MP camera into is latest phone. Sorry Apple, but for your "most advanced phone in the world" 3.2MP is a little lame. I'd love it if my iPhone could replace the need for carrying around a decent camera to take happy snaps (which I don't currently do because my digital camera is too bulky), maybe the 3.2MP with auto focus will cut it, maybe it won't.

When 3G arrived back whenever that was, one of the big "selling points" in Australia (despite the fact that you had to actually live in a capital city) was video calling. Using Nokia as an example again, currently even their most basic 3G phone has two cameras to facilitate video calling, yet the iPhone... nope. I'm unlikely to ever even use video calling but it would be nice if I had the option.

The fact that its taken until the 3rd generation iPhone to get MMS is a little ridiculous considering even my 7 year old Sony Ericsson could handle MMS. And video recording sounds great, but how good are the VGA quality videos actually going to be? People were saying a few weeks ago that and iPhone with video could challenge the Flip Mino, I have my doubts, but would like to be proven wrong.

So, I'm not really seeing anything that is screaming "buy me, buy me now!!!", and I'm thinking I might be happy enough with the free 3.0 update for the time being. Besides, just going on what people are saying about AT&T, it sounds like existing iPhone 3G owners who want to upgrade are going to be screwed over anyway, and Optus won't be any better here.

Also, whats the fugly diagonal stripes they've added to the phone, ipod and sms icons? The default homescreen icons are an inconsistent mess... Just so you don't get the wrong idea I honestly do love my current iPhone.

Two more things. MacBook Pros and Snow Leopards.

The MacBook Pro got an update, which seems odd since it took so long for them to update them before and now less then a year after the unibodies were released they've updated them again. Overall the 15-inch MBPs are cheaper (good thing), the ExpressCard slot has been swapped for and SD Card slot and they're also the recipient of the non-user-replaceable battery thats already found in the 17-inch.

While the 17-inch is also cheaper but retains the ExpressCard slot. And the 13-inch unibody MacBook is now officially a 13-inch MacBook Pro and a bit cheaper, it also has the non-user-replaceable battery, SD slot and FireWire 800 ports added. The MacBook Air also received a more than decent price drop.

And lastly Snow Leopard, it seems to be getting the least attention, so did it get only minimal air time in the keynote? Anyway, good news is that is going to be so cheap that no-one is going to have a decent excuse not to update, only $29 in the US (and apparently only $14.95 here in Australia) which is even lower than John Gruber was expecting. From what I've read on its sounds like its going to be a great update full of things to makes other things go faster and stuff... I mean lots more 64-bit goodness across the core native apps and better multiple processor processing.

Apple have cut 6GB (!) from the installation, I would imagine most of that was gained by cutting old legacy crap out of the core and apps like Mail, iCal etc. Safari 4 is available now minus the stupid title-bar tabs (lol), Microsoft Exchange support is now available out of the box which Apple says isn't even available on Windows machines, Quicktime X also gets a new shiny interface and updating basic editing controls, Finder has apparently been rewritten in Cocoa to suck less, Stacks have been improved (making them useful) and Exposé has been tied into the dock which seems a little Windows 7-esque.

So the Snow Leopard info maybe wasn't as plentiful as some were expecting (although digging through there is plenty of info there), the iPhone info was a little disappointing (sorry Apple, when you've got the most advanced phone in the world you start to expect really, really awesome things all the time) and the MacBook updates were unexpected.

I'll watch the keynote when I get home tonight (as I've already used my lunch break to write this) and see if it changes any of my broad, sweeping opinions.