Hahlo 2 - the original just got better

Version 2 of Hahlo is now live! It has been in the works almost since the day that version 1 was released. The short timeframe that version 1 had ended up probably doing more harm than good, and while the basics worked well enough it had a few failings which unfortunately resulted in many people […]

Twitter iPhone apps head to head

I needed a break from actually working on Hahlo, so I thought I'd do a little research. Now that there are two extra competitors for using Twitter on the iPhone I thought I would put them head to head with Hahlo and see how they all compare, and what conclusions can be drawn from my findings....oh and I just wanted to play with the cool web inspector in Webkit.

Hahlo.com is Live to the world

Don't really need to say much at the moment, just that I've officially launched Hahlo to the public tonight. For those of you not familiar with what hahlo is, its a slick iPhone style interface for twitter.

Hahlo.com beta opens soon

10 days ago I launched my prototype iPhone 'app'. Honestly I didn't think there would be any interest in it, and I just did it as a little bit of self amusement. I may have been wrong. It got dugg and received over 15,000 visits in two days....which including several visits from actual iPhones....which is very interesting.