Just briefly

Hey look, things are different. I’ll try and do a post or two over the weekend detailing why I’ve changed some things, and why I’ve left others the same, this is just a brief little into to say “Hey! My site is new!”. Hopefully I can start writing here more often too as one blog post in 2013 is a truly poor effort.

The first of the month seems like as good a time as any to switch this thing on. I think there are still a few spots here and there that need cleaning up, but it is close enough. If I waited until it was perfect I’d never launch.

The highlights

  • I’m still still using WordPress however, for the first time in 6 years, I actually looked at a couple of alternatives for this site. In the end familiarity won.
  • The design (not a theme, don’t ask if you can have it) is not totally unique. It is a mish-mash of ideas, styles and structure from a selection of other sites/blogs that I liked. If you frequent the Internets you should recognise bits and pieces. I’ll detail why I borrowed parts of other people ideas in a separate post.
  • I’m now using Typekit for my fonts, I’d held out for a while and stuck with Helvetica Neue, but it was time for a change.
  • I’ve changed the primary domain name for this blog to dean.co because its short, and its my name. I have longed for de.an but that ship has sailed now that .an domains are being phased out, and I’d already snagged dean.co with the initial .co release a while back, and it was already redirecting to my blog
  • The old domain name (deanjrobinson.com) redirects here and all existing links should continue to work - or at least that’s the hope.
  • The archives page is new and has a neat timeline layout.
  • It is responsive, and the header images are randomised (from a selection or half a dozen or so).
  • ‘Title pending’ is a temporary title. I haven’t come with a permanent one that I like just yet, so that will probably change again.

As I said, I’ll go into some of the points above in more detail in the future and explain my (sometime quite loose) thinking.