How do you keep inspired?

Adam Savage's recent Maker Faire talk was good, but the Q and A session that followed was even better. One question in-particular - and his response - really got me. 'How do you keep inspired when people are denigrating your work?'

Not for sale

I have a great domain name, really it doesn’t get much simpler, it’s my first name. I know it’s great because I keep getting ‘offers’ from people wanting to buy it off me. It’s not for sale, and here's why.

Just give them a go

The legalisation of same sex marriages would have no impact on my life. And that is exactly the point that I wish more people would understand. Before I continue, I present you a question, can you give me one good reason why same sex marriage should not be legal? Stop, think very, very carefully. Got your answer? Ok, good...

Small stories

It's time to start something new. That something is "Small Stories". What is "Small Stories"? Well, just in-case you're a little slow and hadn't worked it out for yourself, it's stories... that are small. Duh.

Six months on

At the end of June I made the decision that I would no longer be selling my current iOS apps, and that they would instead be free. Six months have now passed. So, how are things looking now?

iPhone 6 Plus a Watch

Last week Apple took the official wraps off the new iPhones, introducing the iPhone Big and the iPhone Enormous. The existence of both had been long spoiled by the various rumour sites and component leaks. Apple also chose not to unveil the iWatch everyone was predicting, instead they introduced the Apple Watch as their long awaited entry into the smart watch market. Here are 50 of my thoughts - both serious, and not.

Two weeks

It has now been two weeks since I made all of my iOS apps free, and as expected they're being downloaded more frequently than they were previously. But how much more frequently?

Freedom and motivation

For the past three or so years I have spent much of my "spare time" designing and developing iOS apps. I wasn't building apps to make money, I was building them to learn. For a long while that was enough, but the enjoyment vanished, and it is now close to five months since I last opened Xcode. Time to change a couple of things.

Close, but lacks heart

Just as most expected would happen following Manchester City's purchase of the club in January, the Melbourne Heart are now officially Melbourne City FC. Along with the new name, they've also revealed their new logo and kit. The new logo is ok, but there are a few things I'd like to change.