Bigger isn’t always better

All current evidence is pointing toward Apple announcing that the iPhone 6 will increase the screen on the magical device from the current 4-inches to 4.7-inches - and quite possibly turn up alongside a further embiggened 5.5-inch flagship. This disappoints me slightly.

Dr Evil, eat your heart out.

So Facebook is buying mobile messaging platform WhatsApp for a whopping $16 billion, yes, with a ‘b’. That’s a lot of money. Here’s how I imagine the conversation going between Facebook and WhatsApp.

Horses for courses

Selecting the best tool for the job seems like it should be a common sense decision, right? Those in the know don’t mow the lawn with a vacuum, or hammer home a nail with a screwdriver. Although, I will admit, I have attempted the latter. Unfortunately in the world of the web, picking the wrong tool seems to happen more often than it should. Usually against the better recommendation of others.

Just briefly

Hey look, things are different. I’ll try and do a post or two over the weekend detailing why I’ve changed some things, and why I’ve left others the same, this is just a brief little into to say “Hey! My site is new!”. Hopefully I can start writing more often too as one blog post in 2013 is a truly poor effort.

Hahlo, goodbye.

I’m a little bit sad today. Twitter has today turned off v1.0 of their API. As a result of this my mobile twitter client, Hahlo, has also ceased to work just short of its 6th anniversary. Six years is a long time in the web world, I know a lot of things now that I wish I’d known back then - sure would have made many things a lot easier.

Star Wars if…

I’m not a Star Wars person, never have been, but I still find today’s announcement that George Lucas has sold Lucasfilm (and all associated bits and pieces) to Disney really interesting. Almost as interesting is that they are proceeding with and ‘Episode 7’ with a view to make more in the future.

Little Big Device

To those suggesting that the new iPad mini, which starts at $329, will make more people buy the $199 7-inch competitors - have you been paying no attention during the past couple of years?

It doesn’t take a genius.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that Samsung are scared, you only run stupid marketing campaigns like this one if you are, or if your marketing folk are equally as daft - or both. If you haven’t seen the ad, and have no idea what I’m rambling about, I’ve attached the full thing at the bottom of this post.

One week out

Apple has confirmed, as has been rumoured for weeks, that there will be an event on March 7th presumably to announce the iPad 3. The image below is from the invitation to said event and it’s got people all worked up for a couple of reasons. Firstly because it appears to be hiding the retina […]

Oh great

Flicking through my rss feeds, as I do every morning, I spotted an article on MacRumors with (yet more) rumoured details about the specs of the unannounced, unreleased iPad 3. After reading the short article my sole thought was… Oh great, its going to end up being called iPad 2S and I’m going to have to listen to the elitest-tech-morons of the world complain for months because it wasn’t called the iPad 3.