So. iPhone 4S.


Let's get this straight.

Apple have just announced their new iPhone with a dual core processor that's twice as fast as the previous model, graphics that are up to 7x faster, an improved - global (GSM/CDMA) - antenna design, an all new 8MP camera that blows the previous 5MP one out of the water with its new sensor and lens AND it can shoot 1080p/30fps video with image stabilisation, plus a new OS that includes hundreds of features and updates, like in-built twitter integration, a new message system, reminders, better photo/video editing, newsstand and even some of those things that you've been moaning about for years (better notifications) plus the iCloud service that backs everything up for you without ever needing to plug it into a computer, not to mention probably the most advanced voice control system ever seen on a mobile phone...

...and yet you're disappointed because it looks the same as its predecessor, rather than like that new design that the Chinese case factories were suggesting, oh and it isn't called the iPhone 5.

Boo-fucking-hoo, you spoiled twats.

Grow up.

If Microsoft, Blackberry or any other company had announced these improvements it would be getting endless praise. Then again, if it were Microsoft it would have been called "Windows iPhone 4S Professional Edition for Windows Phone 7 Mobile", and if it were Blackberry it would still have a physical keypad, thumb wheel and shitty little screen.


Stop complaining.