Small stories

It's time to start something new. That something is "Small Stories". What is "Small Stories"? Well, just in-case you're a little slow and hadn't worked it out for yourself, it's stories... that are small. Duh.

How small is small? I've settled on 150 words, I was originally going to aim for only 100, but that wasn't working, so 150 it is. I don't have the time, talent, patience or ideas to write 5,000 words for a proper short story, or 50,000 for a novel, but 150 I can manage. Maybe.

Some will be self contained, some will be beginnings, some middles, and some ends. Some will be connected, others won't, but I'm not going to tell you which ones are/aren't.

Some will make sense, some won't. None of them will have specific titles, I'll just be labeling them with incrementing Roman numerals. Why? Because I can.

I won't guarantee the quality, or the frequency, but will say that some will be less crap than others, and that I already have half a dozen written or in progress. Also remember, I'm a web designer/developer, not a prize winning author. So, low expectations and all that.

I might write 10 in the next 6 months, I might write 60... or I might forget I was even doing this to begin with.

The pieces that are connected won't be written or published in order. Some will get published as soon as they're written, but most will be scheduled for a random date and time some time in the three months after they've been written. I'll try not to edit stories once they've been scheduled, unless of course I have some super genius idea. Unlikely.

It's possible that I'll throw in a couple of of no-text pieces at some point, ie. pictures. They might be connected too, or they might be just there to confuse you. That's exciting, right?

Ok, why am I'd doing this? Well I often “write” these stories in my head, or at least have ideas for them, when I'm trying to get to sleep. They never get written down, so why not start? So, maybe if I write them down I’ll stop thinking about them and actually get a solid nights sleep.

Read them or don't, I won't hold it against you either way. Links will be posted on my Twitter account as each one is published, and you can view the site here, maybe bookmark it or subscribe to the feed if that's your thing, or don't. Whatever.

The first one is there now, it’s actually based on a dream I had, rather than a story idea, but, you know, whatever works.

There are also a bunch of neat technical bits and pieces in the WordPress theme I've built to present the stories. I might write about them here at some point, or I might not. There's also an outside chance that I end up tweaking the design and functionality of the site more often that I post stories. I guess you'll just have to visit often to find out.