Bigger isn't always better

All current evidence is pointing toward Apple announcing that the iPhone 6 will increase the screen on the magical device from the current 4-inches to 4.7-inches - and quite possibly turn up alongside a further embiggened 5.5-inch flagship.

This disappoints me slightly.

The current size of the iPhone and it's screen enables me to hold it one-handed (because, you know, it's a phone… not a tablet) and operate the entire screen comfortably using only my thumb.

Moving to a 4.7-inch screen this might still be physically possible with my long spindly fingers, but for screens any larger it is going to be a stretch. Literally.

The true pocketability of a 5.5-inch phone is questionable, not to mention how someone might look using it. I've mocked the how Samsung-using luddites look when using their clown-shoe-sized jumbo-phones. Especially when they're making phone calls on them.

That said, the ridiculous visual spectacle of holding a giant phone up to my ear to make phone calls doesn't worry me greatly. I'm only ever using my iPhone as an actual phone maybe 1% of the time.

It's not the size that matters, it's what you can do with it.

The apparent switch back to a more rounded form factor also bugs me. Sure it might 'nicer' to hold (ie. like the latest iPads), but I've gotten quite used to being able to stand my iPhone 5 (and iPhone 4 before that) on its side without the need for any superfluous stand.

So, will I still buy a new iPhone when they are released? Yes, definitely. I've 'committed' myself to a two-year upgrade cycle and that two-year period is up this year.

Will I still buy the most expensive top-of-the-line iPhone when that day comes? Probably. But rather than buying it instantly online, I'm more than likely going to wait until I've visited the Apple store and held the physical device in my hand.

Deep down part of me is hoping that all these "leaked" mockups and Chinese-sourced case designs have secretly been planted by Apple themselves in the hope of baiting Samsung into copying the wrong thing.

Would anyone blame Apple for trying to leak false info? Especially after their big iPhone design reveals seem to be spoilt each year by their manufacturers. That, and how shamelessly Samsung copies everything they do.

Apple: "Hey guys, we've now a got a gold iPhone to indulge all your 14-year-old girl/gangsta-pimp desires"

*two weeks later*

Samsung: "Hey guys, we had this amazeballs idea, what if we make a gold Samsung Galaxy. Totes unique, right? Get the spray paint out."

But, what would I know.

Prior to the original iPad launch I wasn't a fan as I didn't think there would be enough decent apps to justify it. I still bought one the day they came out and instantly loved it.

When the iPad mini was released I didn't see the point in the smaller device. I didn't buy one, but when the retina-version came around I snapped one up. Mostly to see how the smaller form felt.

And the truth is that the majority of the time the smaller iPad is nicer to use. It's lighter, although not really small or light enough to operate one-handed (unless you're an NBA player), and the screen is lovely. But there are aspects where I believe the bigger iPad is still far superior - primarily watching video, and typing.

Typing is the killer. I found the full-size iPad great for typing on, I was using mine to write 90% of my blog posts. However, since switching to the mini I've hardly done any longer form writing on my iPad at all. The keyboard is simply too cramped, and the smaller size is trickier to balance on my lap while typing (although some of that might be due to the iPad smart cover).

So then. Bring on the iPhone 6.