It’s 2012 and this blog is now 5 years old. I figured, then, that this would be as good a time as any to clean things up. So I have. As far as “clean ups” go, this one is extreme. I’m starting with an empty root directory, brand-new database, fresh install of WordPress 3.3 and an extra-minimalistic theme. I’ve rebooted.

So. iPhone 4S.

So. Let’s get this straight. Apple have just announced their new iPhone with a dual core processor that’s twice as fast as the previous model, graphics that are up to 7x faster, an improved - global (GSM/CDMA) - antenna design, an all new 8MP camera that blows the previous 5MP one out of the water with […]

WWDC Keynote 2011 - My thoughts

I’m not nuts enough to get up at 3am my time to follow the keynote live, and I’m still waiting for the downloadable version to be posted (the streaming version just doesn’t do it for me), so this is all just based on what I’ve read on the Apple site, and heard via twitter. Please correct me if my assumptions are totally wrong or were elaborated on in the keynote itself.

jQuery is to JavaScript as Sass is to CSS? Or is it?

Every developer has their preferred ways of working, they like to do things in a specific way or using a specific app. It might be something simple like whether they use 2-space tabs or 4-space tabs. It might be a greater thing like whether they prefer Ruby or PHP or Java. Or it might be to do with how they work with two of the building blocks of the web, JavaScript and CSS.

Enterprise CSS - The bigger they are, the harder they fail

I’m *trying* to reskin (ie. make less ugly) this system where the css ‘skin’ that you can edit gets “processed” by some magic bullshit in the background. None of this would be a huge problem if I had actual access to the system in question to be able to properly test it but I don’t, I just have the ‘skin’ files and a bag full of “trial and error” ready to use up.

iPod, iPod, iPod, Apple TV, Ping…

If anything Apple should be rewarded for consistently updating their iPod range each year. It gives Apple blog something to write about each September. Not sure this year’s event brought any major surprises, everyone was expecting the new nano, the updated iPod Touch and after several “no shows” in recent years a long overdue update to the Apple TV.

Custom Shortlinks for WordPress

I was lucky and managed to get my hands on a neat little .co domain,, and I decided that since it is now the shortest domain that I own that I’d first put it to use for the short links on my blog, and as my own personal url shortener.

Internet Explorer Nein!

I love Internet Explorer. I equally love sticking red-hot pokers in my eyes and sliding bamboo splinters underneath my finger nails.

So they called it the iPad.

We’ve waited so long for it but in the end, and as cool as it is, if I find it just a little meh but at the same time I want one does that make me a bad person?